Aris​en Studio

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One of its kind...

The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager. Browse, download and install mods for your PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360. Hundreds of mods — all in one place.

5/5 SourceForge rating

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An open source database​   ​•   A simple user experience   ​•   Avoid the hassle   ​•   Get to the fun

Get more out of your
console with Arisen Studio

Improved Performance

We've improved the overall performance of the software. Fast, lightweight and easy to use. Beautiful and simple design layout.

Over 4,000 ​Mods

Browse our huge database of modifications for over 100 different games and categories.

Install Mods

Install and uninstall mods directly to your console with just a click of a button. No need to use file managers - this does it all for you!

Download Anywhere

Want to do everything manually? You can easily download all the files you need to your computer.

Built-in Tools

Don't overcrowd your computer, Arisen Studio has over 30 tools for all your needs in one place.

File Manager

A complete built-in file manager with both local and console directory listings. Upload, download, delete, rename files.